you need to stop trust anybody

So after a year i try to start new entry again .So here i start .Its hard for me to trust people because actually we can see from their eyes honestly and their act . Maybe there is some doing kind infront of us . I have one or two or maybe three actually bestfriends .Bestfriends for me who a person u had most fun with , support you from back , give u advice, and understand on your situation .Even boyfriends sometimes do not have same opinion with us but bestfriends does . when i call ppl bestfriends that's mean i really means it . so there is nothing to hide even you're doing something bad . i never look at you that bad . because i really do what you feel and in our ages we are teenagers just we need limitation to have fun .its my opinion . i know what actually happen to you actually but i need to take times to tell you because i was so sad think about why you need to hide ? the first reason should be you afraid what i would think of you ? and you think i sama like the other society judge people . i will not but if i see

moral of the story " just trust your bestfriends 50/50 beacause we don't know what actually their real intention and only God know ;/"