Hello , PMR dah dekat so bella dah tak de masa untuk layan benda2 yg tak penting
atau perkara yg membuang masa such as loiter,shopping and anything not important .!
so focus dan focus ,No FACEBOOK,NO TWITTER ,NO BLOGGING, NO HP .
okay teacher i listen and do what u are tell at to me at the assembly okay .

Kawan ,don't think i'm not study, mybe i'm not study at school because
myfriends non-stop talking about stupid things and accidental make me laugh ,
Sorry but we study at home at the midnight okay.don't judge bella before u ask
bella what happen .and for teacher i never forget what u teach me how to be a
best student .i'm really thankful .half of teacher think that i really bad person ..

it's so okay lahh.i pray to all teacher Smk Semerah sucess in your life and
always happiness . Sorry if bella ada terkasar bahasa atau apa apa buat korang sakit hati
..sengaja buat camtu .pray for me to get staraight A lahh .!
*anyway thank all who always support me . LIYA,EYCHA,FIFI,NIENIET.
i will pray for you too okay ,