Hey , for your information SPM is 4 days.it's not a longer days
.i hope you all can can choose the best answer.
think and remember what your teacher teaching until her sweat are falling down
.euwwww.it's digusting but he never
to say exhausted like you okay ,
specimen the student studying 10 minute already say i was so bored .!
i don't want
to study again .i be not to you all burn the midnight oil but study smart okay
.try to stop your wasting time on
lappy and open the site such as Facebook ,Twitter ,Blog and other site that you want to spend time with their
that's its not important .mybe it's can do after SPM because
.Freedom on your hand guys .

Not like me .! still studying in classes ,go to tuition ,finish homework everyday
,wake up early and the most i hated SPM are come.go go go far aaway
Haha .don't come .i will run to mountain and see the time will reverse to
time me "main congkak "

It's incredible think .out of memory brain HAHA
.but if happens just zip your mouth and look cloud and close eyes
then smile .